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I am a beauty product junkie. I admit it. I also love bath and body products, kitchen gadgets, natural cleaners, well just about anything body and household related. I would have to say that my most prominent addiction is hand bags! I'll take any kind, any color! I'm a wife and mom to four kiddos ranging from three to 15. Imagine that? I could do consumer reviews until the cows come home.


Hello everyone! My name is Alia and I'm a 16 year old young woman who loves to experience the happiness of life! But I also have a very strong addiction....Cosmetics!!!! :) I love any and everything about makeup! It's literally starting to become my life. I also love to try other products that come out on the market as well. When given a review I always give my honest opinion. Hope you guys enjoy!

Our Photographer and Video Editor



Bonjour! Here at Team Consumer Reviews, I am teaming up as the Photographer/Video Editor. While I will not be on screen, you will be able to see a variety of my camera work. Since you won't be seeing me very much, why not take the chance to get to know me a little more? My name is Sasha and currently I am a 12-year-old tween awaiting the day I turn 13, entering the world of "teenism". Most of my days, you will find me reading a giant book and there really is no telling how long the next one will be. For the first time, I am teaming up with my mother and older sister to do a team consumer blog. Only hoping for the best, I plan to really put work into what I can contribute and make it its best. Please enjoy, participate, and feel free to contribute to our blog as much as possible!

Mom's an old school blogger and daughter's a young hip vlogger. Together we are...
Team Consumer, your "go to" for fun, unbiased consumer reviews!